Our Team

Founder / Chairman

A trip to Uttarakhand and an epiphany.
That is how Nehal Patel came about the idea
of Happy Bubbles.
Every person has to go through a share of their
own battles to be finally able to understand
someone else's. Her life so far has been no mean
feet and Happy Bubbles was born out of a
simple equation- If we are living a full life,
why shouldn't we cut out a little slice
for those who are not?
“In Social work, there are objectives, no expectations.”


A chartered accountant with Deloitte for 3 years,
Pranav joined Happy bubbles
(Live Your Dream Foundation) in 2015
and has been the Company Secretary for
three years.He was promoted as the new director of
Happy Bubbles in May 2018.
When asked why he joined Happy bubbles,
he says that he found his
life's purpose here.Sharing happiness brings
satisfaction to his life.


Always an activist at heart, Shridhar would see
people who were needy and wonder why it had to be
that way. As he grew up and got more opportunities,
he realised that he was lucky and there were many
around him who were not. And that urge to go on
and realize his dream of helping
others motivated Shridhar to be a part of LYDF.
In spite of the tight schedule,
Shridhar devotes his time and energy and
shares equal passion of making a difference
in the lives of people.

Team Members

Aditya Sharma

An MBA in marketing and a landscape photographer handling merchandising and creativity at Happy Bubbles. Mumbai, India

Deepak Patel

Self-employed/Construction and Interior Design Mumbai, India

Dhaval Patel

Masters in Intenet Technologies and Information Systems from Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Berlin, Germany

Diya Patel

Heads the Fine Arts team of the Student committee at K.J. Somaiya College and creatives for Happy Bubbles. Mumbai, India

Dushyant Patel

A B.S in Computer science from UC San Diego handling IT operations for Happy Bubbles. California, USA

Hiral Goswami

Studying LLB and a part of the legal team at Happy Bubbles. Mumbai, India

Kalpesh Patel (Kapee)

Self-employed/ Seven Seconds Mumbai, India

Manjunath Naik

Self-employed/Tours and Travels Mumbai, India

Mitul Shah

Self-employed Mumbai, India

Narayan Goswami

Self-employed/Furnishing and Decor Mumbai, India

Nimesh Patel

Businessman/ Textiles Mumbai, India

Nirav Bhanushali

Manager in Dry fruits business and a part of marketing team at Happy Bubbles -Mumbai, India

Parth Thakkar

A M.Tech in Chemical Engineering managing public realtions at Happy Bubbles. Mumbai, India

Pooja Patel

2nd year MBBS student at Vedantaa Institute of Medical Sciences Dahanu, India

Rahul Patel

A high school student and a full time Happy Bubbles volunteer. Mumbai, India

Raina Rawat

Professional in Executive recruitment handling media for Happy Bubbles Mumbai, India

Raju Patel

Self-employed/ Stationary
Mumbai, India

Ronak Bhatt

A CPA in a real estate company in Houston, Texas and a coach for Rehab-Recovery Texas, USA

Sagar Patel

Self-employed/Textiles Mumbai, India

Satvinder Kaur (Rupa)

Self-employed/Beautician and Aesthetics Pune, India

Pravin Thakkar

Chairman, Shri Sai Taj Charitable Trust Mumbai, India

Ashish Ramani

Sales Executive Garments / Textiles Mumbai, India

Vikram Bhatia

BFSI & Telecom IIM Alumni Dubai, UAE

Hasmukh Thakkar

Trustee, Shri Sai Taj Charitable Trust Mumbai, India

Bidyashish Sarangi

Storyteller / Film-maker Mumbai, India

Women Empowerment Team

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other
successful women who have her back. Our philosophy isn't any different from
this quote. We believe that women lift other women and our team of
dedicated ladies do just that. We help women from all walks of life fighting
severe battles in the hopes of making them self-dependent and in complete
ownership of their own dignity. Our only aim is to empower these women into
believing their own selves and creating their own opportunities.

For the ladies team, The names from left to right are as follows:
Back: Panna Panchal, Ketki Thakar, Lalita Bhandari,
Nehal Patel (Founder), Alka Thakkar, Padma Saud,
Bhavna Patel.

Front: Hansa Goswami, Sangeeta Patel,
Ratan Patel,Deena Thakkar, Geetanjali Bhasin.