Know Us

A dream is the sunshine that tears through dark clouds. A warm blanket to tuck under when the nights get cold. A wish your heart makes on shooting stars and floating feathers. But not all dreams get a chance.

Like the dream Anita saw from the window of the cancer ward. Or the one that escaped Mohan’s lips every night, when he lay down with 6 sibling in the shanty owned by his father, a labourer. And the one that lights up Sulekha’s eyes even as half her face is scarred by acid, a gift from a scorned lover.

It is in this spirit of giving back to society, that Happy Bubbles was born. The difference between our dreams and theirs is what jolted us to reality and what started with just one person has now become no less than a community which believes in the power of dreams.

From the desire to bring a smile to a face that has been without one for far too long. We don’t promise the moon, but that doesn’t mean we won’t throw in a sling.

Nehal Patel


Does the earth choose to feel different under different feet?
Do the trees give shade only to some
When nature does not dicriminate, who are we to draw boundaries?

Alisha is a rape survivor.

Karan survived a slave market.

Megha is an acid-attack survivor.

Sonika survived domestic abuse.

Rohan survived child sexual abuse.

Our Journey

They survived it all.
They survived a torturous night
they cannot recall without falling into a crumbling
mess. They survived an attack that took away their
beauty, their vanity, their sense of self. They survived a
broken marriage that gave them more bruises than
hopes. They survived the brutal crushing of trust in
humanity. They got back up and brushed away the dust even though it meant starting all over again.

This is what we, at Happy Bubbles stand for.

We stand for survival, for getting back on our feet after
we have been shattered into the smallest pieces. We
stand for taking back our dignity from the fingers of
those who thought they could snatch it from us. We
stand for hope, we stand for contribution, we stand for thinking on our feet and helping with our hearts. We
didn’t wake up one morning armed with funds to help

those in need. Nor are we all blessed with overflowing
pockets that can be put to such use. All we have is a set
of people who believe that the world is not a big bad
wolf; and even though we are appalled by the suffering
endured by hundreds of people living not too far from
our comfortable homes, we know we can make a difference.

All we ask for is support.

Volunteer. Donate. Contribute

You needn’t solely help with donations. Even an hour of dedicated community
service could go a long way for those in need. Besides monetary contributions, there
is a lot of ways you can be a part of Happy Bubbles. Our team is a dynamic mix of
young blood and experienced minds not very different from a typical Indian family.
Our rules are simple- We aren’t a place for charity. We aren’t a place where we
donate clothes or a piece of cloth. We collect funds from people who still give a
damn about society even though it is currently in shambles. We allocate your funds

to where you want them to go. If you want a little girl in Assam to become a master
athlete, that is where we will send your contribution and make sure she gets the best
resources made available to her.

We shape lives. We believe in honing minds and making people aware of their own
talents. Even the most loving mother birds throws her little ones off the nest.
Because darling, how else will you fly?