• for it is in the giving that we receive

  • do good and
    good will come to you.

  • Let's make this world
    A happy bubble!

    Join us in this deed!
  • no one has ever
    become poor by giving

    Making world a better place!

Uplifting and Balancing the Equals

Let's join hands together and bring some change in the world

Make a Donation

Here is magic in kindness

Here is your chance to give back to society and receive a whole lot of happiness in return for you may be giving money, but it is no less than a miracle for those who desperately need one!


Collect funds worldwide

Do you have a fundraising idea? An event we can be part of? An event you could help shoulder with us? We are all ears.


Become a volunteer

Help comes in many forms and one of the best ways to be of service is to give someone your time. Helping the needy is known to change perspectives and instill a sense of gratitude in every mind who has ever had the courage to lend out a hand.


#color is happy

Happy Bubbles is overjoyed to sponsor Project 1 (October 2018) of colorishappy, an OncoHappy initiative. Aimed to add life to cancer walls, this project will bring happiness to anyone touched by cancer. If our initiative can make even one cancer ridden heart happy, we will know it was a job well done.
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Our Causes

Your little can help us bring smile to the homeless


Cancer care- An alarming number of cancer
patients die every year due to lack of proper
care. Love is a magical kind of nourishment,
even if it came from strangers.
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They bark, hoot, chirp, and hop.They cannot speak but they definitely feel pain. If we can feed one bird or save one dog, we know we’ll have made a difference.
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India is made up of villages.
If our villages are thriving so will the
cities. Hence we believe in helping our
rural areas develop.
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About Us

In the spirit of giving back to society,that Happy Bubbles was born.The difference between our dreams and theirs is what jolted us to reality and what started with just one person has now become no less than a community which believes
in the power of dreams. Our mission is to bring together all the hearts who wish to do something for the underprivileged but are caught in their day to day responsibilities.

Nehal Patel